Water Efficient Resource Matching

Water Efficient Resource Matching
July 4, 2018 Elaine

Water Efficient Resource Matching

Water as a natural resource, can be a fundamental resource to businesses, especially those that rely on high volumes for production processes or the delivery of services.

Heavy reliance on mains water means businesses can incur high expenditure on water charges. These charges, however, can be mitigated depending on the efficiency of equipment as well as identifying other source options.

The Challenge


During a site visit, an IS practitioner identified an area of concern regarding water leaking from production equipment.  An old pasteuriser used in the production of drinks had fallen into disrepair as the original manufacturer had closed some time ago. The leaking water was being diverted into a tank for removal on a regular basis.


Following an enquiry to the IS Service, a practitioner conducted a site visit to determine ways to reduce their environmental impact and mains water use.  As a growing complex their demand for water is high.


The Solution


Utilising established relationships, the practitioner created an introduction to a company that specialised in the design and manufacture of bespoke components. This led to the successful provision of replacement door seals for the pasteuriser.

This solution has not only eliminated leaking but has significantly reduced costs associated with mains water consumption as well as the cost of removal of the contaminated water.


The practitioner investigated the option of a borehole with several drilling companies to determine suitability and alignment with the environmental aims of the business. 

The complex selected a borehole specialist with extensive knowledge and expertise of rock structures and natural water source. 

This solution achieved a 30% saving on mains water usage and associated charges.  The complex is considering other uses for this natural resource to meet the growing demands of their patrons.

The Benefits


  • Cost Savings: £8,755
  • Additional Sales: £1000
  • Water Saved: 8,500m³


  • Cost Savings: £54,513
  • Additional Sales: £19,900
  • Water Saved: 15,877m³


The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd