Unique Garden Products

Unique Garden Products
March 16, 2018 Elaine

Unique Garden Products

The Company

Unique Garden Products manufacture various garden products for landscaping and horticulture industries.


The Challenge

A significant area of commercial growth is in seasonal wreath bases for local nurseries to supply supermarkets and retail outlets.  The challenge was to find suitable storage and shipping for the wreath bases and the foam off-cuts.



The Solution

On contacting the Industrial Symbiosis service, the practitioner, was able to identify a suitable supply of surplus sturdy cardboard boxes.

JTI Ballymena, as part of a global reorganisation, was facing imminent closure and looking for sustainable solutions for a range of resources becoming redundant at the site in Ballymena.

Following an established relationship with both companies, the practitioner made suitable introductions.  

Samples of the boxes from JTI were sent to Unique Garden Products for inspection and approval. Subsequently JTI was able to supply 500 boxes to Unique Garden Products in time for seasonal demand.

This engagement resulted in 7.5 tonnes of surplus material finding an alternative use in a different industry, whilst saving significantly on the cost of purchasing a new solution.

The Benefits

  • Cost Savings: £7520
  • CO2 Reduction: 19.2 tonnes
  • Virgin Material Saved: 7.5 tonnes

“The practitioner’s expertise and connections have been invaluable. The IS service has saved us significant expenditure on a packaging solution.  This service is unique, and we would recommend to other companies with resource issues.”   

Paul Downard, Unique Garden Products 



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd