Total Van Solutions

Total Van Solutions
December 17, 2018 Elaine

Total Van Solutions

The Company

Total Van Solutions (TVS) is Northern Irelands Premier one stop- shop for all Commercial Vehicle ply-lining and storage systems. The company seeks to refit and repair vans using quality materials. A regular by-product is good quality wood.

The company approached the IS Service looking for a sustainable solution for the disposal of plywood offcuts. Since the wood offcuts vary greatly in size and thickness the material was not obviously useful to another business.

The Challenge

During a recent review of resources, they asked the practitioner for advice on finding a sustainable method of disposing of redundant promotional PVC banners that had been used for events at the hotel. These had been collected and stored pending finding a suitable disposal route.



The Solution

An experienced IS practitioner had knowledge of groups across NI that aim to promote the social inclusion, health & welfare of men by providing a regular meeting venue for social interaction.

After some research the practitioner contacted Newtownabbey Men’s Shed (NMS) which facilitates a range of activities that include utilising and training in woodworking skills. NMS was delighted to find a local and cost-effective source of this valuable material and was introduced to TVS. After a short discussion period TVS provided 12 tonnes of plywood offcuts to NMS and other Men’s Sheds within the Belfast area.

The materials available allowed NMS to train participants in the use of workshop equipment and manufacture items for local community-based projects. The volume has enabled NMS to collaborate with other men’s sheds by supplying materials and cross training of members for mutual benefit.

The Benefits

Cost Savings on bottom line
Landfill Reduction:12t
CO2 Reduction: 3t

This synergy has reduced the cost of disposal for TVS and cost of material purchase to NMS and has also enabled TVS to apply their Corporate Social Responsibility values to helping and supporting local community projects.



“Thanks to the IS Service we found a sustainable solution for some of our offcuts and it’s good to know they are being reused rather than disposed.”   

John Dickey, Total Van Solutions




The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd