ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace
July 28, 2016 Fionnuala cullen

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

The Company


The ThyssenKrupp Aerospace site in Newtownards, Co Down is the materials hub for the ThyssenKrupp Group servicing the Northern Ireland aerospace industry.

Products are manufactured at other ThyssenKrupp sites across the world and transported to Newtownards using bespoke transit packaging materials. It is essential that these materials provide adequate protection for the products in transit and that where possible they are reused within ThyssenKrupp Group.


The Challenge

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace has been a member of the Industrial Symbiosis Service since August 2012 and contacted the Industrial Symbiosis service to find a solution for approximately 5 tonnes of reusable 9mm Sterling board sheets. The Sterling board sheets were all 8’ x 4’ and had been used as dividers protecting new parts during transportation to Newtownards for a contract with a Belfast aerospace company. ThyssenKrupp had investigated the possibility of reusing the sheets but were limited by contract specifications.


The Solution

After consulting the SYNERGie database and investigating several reuse options the Industrial Symbiosis practitioner contacted the Pallet Recovery Service (PRS) in Larne. PRS had an immediate need for this type of material to manufacture packaging for one of their customers. ThyssenKrupp was familiar with PRS and so after a short period of discussion and negotiation PRS agreed to purchase and collect the Sterling board from Newtownards


The Benefits

Both companies have benefitted through the introductions made by the Industrial Symbiosis Service.

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace found a local, reliable and cost effective solution for the Sterling board.

The Pallet Recovery Service was able to use a material that was more competitively priced than virgin material. The Sterling board also met the customers’ product specifications for the bespoke packaging.


“The Industrial Symbiosis Service provided an excellent service. ThyssenKrupp was delighted to be introduced to a reuse solution that we knew and could trust for the Sterling Board. This helps to maintain our Corporate Responsibility credentials and is in line with our company environmental policy. ”

Andy Scott, Site Manager, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd