Looking to Save Costs and Help the Environment

Looking to Save Costs and Help the Environment
June 11, 2018 Elaine

There is unrealised potential in post-production materials, water, energy, process by-products, redundant materials and equipment across all industry sectors.   The natural world inherently utilises all its resources.  Resource matching, also known as Industrial Symbiosis, aims to mirror this concept – in effect increasing the productivity of all available resources generating bottom line and environmental benefits.

The Industrial Symbiosis Service work with all industries including; manufacturing & supply, food and drink, social enterprises, leisure, logistics, events, hospitality, aerospace and construction.  By building relationships with business owners and professionals we are looking to establish and develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

“The practitioner’s expertise has been invaluable to help us achieve an environmentally sustainable solution for our discarded resource streams. Through the Service we now have further projects that will help with improve our efficiency.” Bloc Blinds

“The Service is a fantastic opportunity for collaborated partnerships. Being able to send on our discarded furniture knowing that it will go to people in need helps make our business sustainable as well as avoiding considerable landfill costs.” Crowne Plaza Hotel

The Industrial Symbiosis Service is operated by International Synergies NI on behalf of Invest NI

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