RLC Engineering Group

RLC Engineering Group
July 28, 2016 Fionnuala cullen

RLC Engineering Group

The Company


RLC Engineering Group has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of aerospace components, structures, sub-systems and assemblies.

RLC has comprehensive manufacturing, assembly, treatment and testing capabilities, coupled with supply and logistics management. The RLC Group delivers fully integrated supply solutions to the most complex engineering challenges.

Langford Lodge, in Crumlin, is part of the RLC Group and has been involved in the Industrial Symbiosis service since 2010.


The Challenge

Langford Lodge covers a vast area and had several storage areas utilised for redundant and off spec equipment. Langford Lodge needed to clear surplus equipment from these storage areas. They required a sustainable solution for this large quantity of materials that was going to waste and included mixed plastics, pallets, and storage tanks.


The Solution

An Industrial Symbiosis practitioner used his expertise during a site visit to identify several resource streams that would be suitable for reuse and recycling.As a result, Langford Lodge was introduced to LWM along with several other plastic recyclers. LWM audited the site and arranged to have the plastic pallets and storage tanks removed for recycling at zero cost to Langford Lodge Engineering.Additionally, LWM was able to sell the recovered plastic granulate for the production of new plastic products.


The Benefits

Langford Lodge Engineering was able to achieve £750 in cost savings by diverting 5 tonnes of materials from going to landfill.

LWM benefited as a result of processing these materials for recycling.

This ongoing synergy clearly demonstrates the benefits that can be achieved through engagement with the Industrial Symbiosis service.




“Without the assistance of the Industrial Symbiosis service, we would not have achieved these considerable cost savings, and furthermore, reducing reusable products from being disposed of to landfill”

Jonathan Morgan, Langford Lodge Ltd



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd