Resourceology – Excellence in Collaborative Resource Management

Resourceology – Excellence in Collaborative Resource Management
March 14, 2018 Elaine

The hospitality industry is booming.  Investment in upgrading and building new hotels, more artisan coffees shops, on trend restaurants and roof top bars are giving the Northern Ireland consumers more choice than ever before.  However, the industry still faces challenges.  Zero waste to landfill targets, food waste and packaging regulations, increase in business rates and uncertainty around Brexit can affect business expenditure.  A practical and solutions-based approach such as Industrial Symbiosis can offer help. It has a proven track record of creating savings.

Industrial Symbiosis is our resourceology – it brings companies together to identify business resources that can be reused and save waste. The natural world inherently recycles.  Industrial Symbiosis mirrors that within the commercial landscape.

The power of collaboration ensures, where possible, that resources are circulated within our economy. There is potential value in the remnants of; post-production materials, water, energy, process by-products and redundant materials across industries.  We aim to ensure resources are fully utilised, introductions to solutions are provided and networking opportunities are realised that achieve benefits for all.  The creation and longevity of economic as well as environmental benefits are the basic ingredients of our resourceology.

Elaine Kerr, Deputy Director International Synergies NI “We understand complex resource issues affecting the hospitality industry having worked with many hotel chains, food suppliers and drinks companies.  Offering a bespoke and funded Industrial Symbiosis service protects business time, money and effort in the search for alternative reuse options for resources.  Our expertise can identify growth areas and our team encourage engagement that creates a sense of connectivity across the hospitality sector and beyond. Significant savings are to be achieved and we continue to inspire creativity and innovative approaches to resource management.”

Over the last 10 years the Service has demonstrated excellence in collaborative resource management.  With an impressive return on investment of £16: £1 this unique service is leading the world in applying Industrial Symbiosis principles to any business.

Why Industrial Symbiosis is Beneficial

  • Harness technical, regulatory and industry knowledge
  • Achieve on-going cost savings leading to increased profits
  • Reduce waste disposal costs to help achieve sustainability
  • Increase productivity and reduce operating costs
  • Generate economic and environmental benefits within financial constraints and regulation
  • Create sustainable relationships with solution providers
  • Utilise skills, unrealised resources, imagination and creativity for product development
  • Trial new technologies and innovative working practices
  • Impact organisational culture with best practice for business and the environment

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