Precision Industrial Services

Precision Industrial Services
July 28, 2016 Fionnuala cullen

Precision Industrial Services

The Company

Precision Industrial Services, part of the Precision Group, was founded in Londonderry in 1983. Precision Industrial Services provides managed drainage services in addition to all kinds of cleaning services and environmental facility management across the UK and Ireland.

The company became members of the Industrial Symbiosis Service in 2010 and attended a number of Synergy workshops to offer solutions to other companies.


The Challenge

In 2014 Precision Industrial Services was responsible for an industrial clean-up at a dairy processing plant in County Tyrone that generated 7 tonnes of dairy sludge and fats. This material could not be accepted for landfilling as the liquid content would have needed separate treatment. This would have increased the costs involved. The landfill operator recommended that Precision Industrial Services contact the Industrial Symbiosis service to identify alternative solutions.


The Solution

A practitioner from the Industrial Symbiosis service was contacted for advice about potential local solutions for the dairy sludge and fats. It was suggested that Anaerobic Digestion (AD) would provide a suitable recovery option by processing the solid and liquid material to produce energy and a fertiliser. Precision was introduced to a local AD operator through the Industrial Symbiosis service and after a short period of negotiation agreed to collaborate on the handling and treatment of the dairy sludge and fats.


The Benefits

Precision Industrial Services has strong credentials in Environmental Management Solutions and this collaboration with the AD plant has the potential to be replicated in the future.

Precision Industrial Services reduced both transportation and landfill costs by using an AD facility that is geographically closer to where the sludge was generated. Precision Industrial Services is now aware of AD as a cost effective outlet for organic industrial wastes.




“The Industrial Symbiosis Service has been of benefit to us at Precision Group. In the past they have helped us to identify potential new clients through attending their Synergy Workshops. Now we have a solution that we will be able to use again in the future for organic dairy sludge and fat.”

John Ferguson, Environmental Support Manager, Precision Industrial Services.



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd