Play Resource Warehouse

Play Resource Warehouse
November 28, 2019 Elaine

Play Resource Warehouse

The Organisation

In the demanding environmental and economic climate today businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase the lifespan of their resources.

As a member of the Industrial Symbiosis Service since 2009, Play Resource Warehouse (PRW) has proven to be a valuable outlet for many underutilised or discarded business resources. PRW collects unwanted but reusable materials like egg cartons, textiles, bobbins and corex card from businesses. These are made available to over 2,500 community, church and youth groups. Many of these groups would struggle to cover costs of materials needed for educational and craft projects.

PRW charges a small membership fee and materials are offered free of charge. PRW has also facilitated various arts outreach programmes and supported the creative development of children and young people province wide.





The Solution

PRW has attended many resource matching workshops and the resulting introductions with over 20 businesses has resulted in a combined economic benefit of over £64,000. The associated environmental benefits of resource matching include:

 Landfill Diversion: 152 tonnes

CO2 Reduction: 1470 tonnes

Virgin Material Saved: 152 tonnes




The Benefits

Play Resource Warehouse, in its decade of partnership with the IS Service, has clearly demonstrated that circular economy projects require the involvement of a range of partners.

The benefits achieved through 33 synergies is evidence of the outstanding networks and relationships the IS practitioners can facilitate as well as the value of the Resource Matching events that identify unusual resource opportunities.


The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd