Legal Compliance Achieves Cost Savings

Legal Compliance Achieves Cost Savings
July 4, 2018 Elaine

Legal Compliance Achieves Cost Savings

Applying Industrial Symbiosis (IS) techniques within a business supply chain enhances compliance with Environmental Duty of Care obligations.  The additional win for businesses is that Industrial Symbiosis is a proven tool to achieving economic and environmental benefits for all the organisations involved.


The Challenge


A practitioner conducted a site assessment for an active member of the service. Quantities of various soft plastic bags from material suppliers were disposed of in the general waste to landfill.

Social Enterprise

A social enterprise was involved in a research project with a university for alternative methods of creating and maintaining heat in a polytunnel for growing plants and vegetables.  They contacted the IS service to help source various materials for the project, particularly plastic barrels for ambient water storage.


The Solution


The practitioner advised for the material to be segregated and baled in preparation for recycling.

An introduction was made with a solution provider who could reuse or recycle the bags.  This saved the company waste disposal costs.

This synergy demonstrates the worth of preparing materials for reuse and recycling. It also highlights the value of applying the Waste Hierarchy, especially as the demand for higher quality materials grows worldwide raising input costs.

IS can positively impact on the bottom line and is environmental good practice.

Social Enterprise

A food manufacturer was looking for a sustainable reuse outlet for 220 litre HDPE barrels that had been used to store ingredients and were destined for disposal as general waste.

The practitioner arranged introductions to both organisations and after a successful trial and testing phase was conducted, the resource exchange took place.   

This solution is a practical application of IS in action that creates cost savings.

The Benefits


  • Cost Savings: £1800
  • Additional Sales: £1000
  • CO2 Reduction: 154 tonnes

Social Enterprise:

  • Cost Savings: £1540
  • CO2 Reduction: 3t


The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd