Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd

Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd
February 2, 2018 Elaine

Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd

The Company


Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd specialise in the production of dry bagged mortar and render, and a diverse range of limestone products for use in a variety of markets.


The Challenge

To ensure fulfilment of bespoke customer orders, additional bags of material may be produced.

If the additional quantity is not utilised it must be reprocessed or recycled, this increases the demand on production time and resource. This can become a storage issue, as it may only be used for a very limited number of applications.

The company stipulated that in line with the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and protecting the environment, the solution had to ensure a secure and responsible outlet.

During an advisory visit by a Practitioner, it was clear that surplus material was taking up a disproportionate amount of storage space.  Samples were collected at this point to allow for suitable testing.




The Solution

The Practitioner researched suitable solutions and several potential outlets were contacted including ATG Group, a specialist in remediation technologies.

A sample of the surplus material was delivered to ATG Group for testing to determine if it could be used as a direct replacement for the virgin material currently used.  The test results indicated that it would be of benefit in remedial projects. 

The Practitioner introduced Kilwaughter and ATG Group and as a result, two construction projects benefited from the surplus material. 


The Benefits

As a result of this synergy, and in line with their CSR commitments, Kilwaughter has achieved the environmental benefits it hoped for.

ATG has been able to provide a suitable storage site for the surplus materials. This will ensure availability for future UK construction projects, as well as freeing production resource and storage space.



“The Industrial Symbiosis Service has provided us with a mutually beneficial solution, and we have a new customer that we would not have found ourselves. This has given us a long-term solution for the surplus materials and will help reduce business costs.”

Neil Bareham, Quality & Environmental Manager, Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd