JTI Gallaher Limited

JTI Gallaher Limited
July 20, 2016 Fionnuala cullen

JTI Gallaher Ltd

The Company


Japan Tobacco International in Ballymena has been a member of the Japan Tobacco Group of Companies (JT), a leading International tobacco product manufacturer since 2007. The company has been a member of the Industrial Symbiosis service since 2010 in a quest to find alternative solutions for by products and as a result has been involved in two other successful synergies.

The Ballymena site has a dedicated waste centre that oversees the handling of all wasted production and packaging materials.


The Challenge

JTI recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is committed to improving performance and addressing environmental impacts of its business activities.

This has led to a strong ongoing relationship between JTI and the Industrial Symbiosis service which resulted in the identification of wasted resources including Perspex core ends, cardboard cores and grey card sheeting.

To support its commitment, JTI was keen to find a solution for these materials that would reduce costs and also divert the material from landfill.


The Solution

JTI contacted an Industrial Symbiosis practitioner to identify companies that could potentially use Perspex core ends, cardboard cores and grey card sheeting so as to avoid expensive landfill charges. The practitioner was aware that the Play Resource Centre was on the lookout for non-toxic materials to redistribute to groups and organisations working with community groups all over Northern Ireland.The practitioner introduced JTI to the Play Resource Centre who were delighted with the resources on offer. The synergy was aided by the fact that the Play Resource Centre was able to collect the materials weekly from JTI. The Play Resource Centre also holds a valid Waste Carriers Licence which allows the transfer of wasted resources back to its depot in Belfast.


The Benefits

The synergy illustrates that the Industrial Symbiosis service can find solutions for even small quantities of wasted resources.  With this ongoing relationship between JTI and Play Resource Centre, these materials have been diverted from landfill generating cost savings for JTI of £6,125 and CO2 savings of 219 tonnes annually. Importantly for JTI this synergy has further improved its environmental performance metrics.

Both organisations have benefited through this synergy as the Play Resource Centre now has additional interesting materials that can be proactively used by its members.

This synergy cements a strong working relationship between the two businesses and paves the way for more opportunities in the future.




“Not only have we saved money but we have also established a working partnership with The Play Resource Centre for the future. The Industrial Symbiosis service has shown us that there are positive solutions even for small quantities.”

Firghil Cunning, EHS Manager, Japan Tobacco International



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd