Fast Technologies

Fast Technologies
July 28, 2016 Fionnuala cullen

Fast Technologies

The Company


Founded in 2002, FAST Technologies Ltd provides custom engineering solutions to the semiconductor, life sciences, clean technologies, and manufacturing industries from its base in Londonderry.

FAST Technologies Ltd design, build and install equipment to facilitate or improve manufacturing processes. The company can provide designs to customer specifications.

The company specialises in factory automation, custom machining, prototyping and the design, build and supply of wet process equipment.


The Challenge

Kirchhoff Ireland, an engineering company based in Donegal, is an international Tier 1 supplier to the automotive sector with customers including BMW, Ford and VW.

Kirchhoff attended an Intertrade Ireland cross-border trade event where the company was made aware of the Industrial Symbiosis service. One of the services Kirchhoff required was precision laser cutting of components to supply as pre-production and qualification samples to their customers. This would save on tooling cost for the small batches that were required.


The Solution

After meeting with an Industrial Symbiosis practitioner and consulting the SYNERGie database FAST Technologies was identified as having the expertise that Kirchhoff required. Due to spare capacity, FAST Technologies was able to supply the parts required within the tight budget and timeline required by Kirchhoff.


The Benefits

The synergy between these two companies would not have happened if they had not been introduced through the Industrial Symbiosis business network. This serves to illustrate that production capacity and expertise are resources that can be matched through Industrial Symbiosis.

As a result of this synergy FAST Technologies was able to fill some of its production capacity and has benefited from supplying services in an export market. FAST Technologies has also established a relationship with a new customer which is expected to bring further business opportunities..




“The introduction to Kirchhoff has helped FAST Technologies to secure additional business in an export market. The Industrial Symbiosis service and practitioner input has been very helpful.”

Conleth Doherty, Director, FAST Technologies Ltd



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd