DFDS Logistics

DFDS Logistics
October 20, 2016 Fionnuala cullen

DFDS Logistics

The Company


DFDS provides shipping, port terminal services, transport and logistics across road, rail and sea. Its 6,400 employees are spread over 20 countries. DFDS deliver all of Sainsbury’s products across Northern Ireland. They have been involved in the Industrial Symbiosis service for many years attending Resource Matching workshops and seeking solutions for resource streams to avoid landfill.



The Challenge

DFDS logistics understand the value of Industrial Symbiosis for resource efficiency and approached a practitioner for help with a new problem that had arisen.
Their existing outlet for WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) had ceased trading and an alternative outlet was needed quickly. It was also important that DFDS remained legally compliant as the producer of these wasted resources.


The Solution

The IS practitioner, searched the Industrial Symbiosis members database for WEEE outlets across Northern Ireland including metal exporters who receive the metal parts of the WEEE items from WEEE repressors. Other factors were taken into consideration in the search process including location so that transport costs could be kept to a minimum. A short list was compiled and presented to DFDS to evaluate. A few options were introduced but after consultation, Avenue Recycling were selected as they were viewed to be able to provide a sustainable and secure recycling solution.


The Benefits

The success of this synergy meant that valuable storage space for DFDS Logistics was freed up and also provided DFDS Logistics with a viable alternative in a short space of time, saving them approximately £660. This synergy highlights the scope and depth of the Industrial Symbiosis Service in finding a solution quickly, economically and locally. On an environmental note, this synergy led to a reduction of 14 tonnes of green house gas.
This synergy is replicable by other businesses and if you do have WEEE please do get in touch.


“The IS service was invaluable to us as it provided a quick and effective solution in the very short space of time that we had. We look forward to working with the service in the future for more solutions.”

Andrew Mackenzie, HSE Manager DFDS Logistics



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd