CIWM Champions

CIWM Champions
October 24, 2014 Elaine

CIWM Champions Circular Economy

We were honoured to be guests of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) at Stormont on 21st October for the inauguration of John Quinn as the 99th President of the Institution and later at the Presidents dinner in Belfast City Hall when Barry McGuigan was the guest speaker. We were particularly pleased that John has chosen the Circular Economy, a subject closely aligned to resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis, as the theme for his Presidential Report.

Minister of the Environment

Speaking at the inauguration Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan announced the publication the Department of Environment’s Operational Plan for managing and regulating waste in Northern Ireland and added, “The best way to reduce waste crime is to reduce the creation of waste in the first place.

“My Department alone cannot bring about the widespread changes needed. So a major emphasis of this Plan is to build much stronger collaboration between central and local government and between government and industry, including the waste sector.”

We hope that the Minister’s recognition of the importance of industry and CIWM’s commitment to the Circular Economy will help us to help businesses everywhere become more resource efficient and environmentally responsible.

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