Camden & Moteam

Camden & Moteam
October 19, 2017 Elaine

Camden & Moteam

The Companies


The Camden Group has been an innovator and market leader in uPVC products for over 30 years in Northern Ireland.  They are committed to the environment and has heavily invested in onsite recycling facilities which have helped to create a high sought after environmentally sustainable product range on the market today.

Moteam is a Northern Ireland based company specialising in industrial automation and special purpose machine building.


The Challenge

Camden understand the value of Industrial Symbiosis for resource efficiency and have utilised the service to source suitable supplies of uPVC windows and profile off cuts that can be incorporated in their window profile manufacturing process.  The process involves breaking down, shredding and pulverising the material into a fine powder so that it can be used in the extrusion of finished window powder.

A substantial cost in this process is the sharpening of the pulverising blades to keep them in optimum condition  to produce the quality required for the extrusion process. Blades were sent to a specialist company in France for sharpening.  This meant that extra blades had to be purchased to keep the process operational.  Transport costs were high and there was machine downtime due to shipping delays and capacity with the sharpening specialist.




The Solution

The IS practitioner asked Moteam to apply their design and special purpose machine skills and production capacity to investigate the viability of making a machine for Camden to re-sharpen the blades in-house. 

After a lengthy design and testing period a machine was manufactured and supplied that met the re-sharpening criteria. 


The Benefits

As a result of this synergy, Camden has reduced the costs of shipping blades and reduced the risk of machine downtime.  It has improved the quality of the recyclate too as the blades are kept in optimum condition.  Furthermore having their own machine has significantly reduced costs for Camden as they are now avoiding sharpening fees.


This synergy also highlights the networking power of the service as both companies are looking at manufacturing other equipment that will reduce costs in consumables by carrying out the processes in-house.


“Without the assistance of the IS service we would have spent considerable time and resources identifying alternative options for the sharpening of blades.  Now we have a sustainable solution which meets our company objectives and has helped to cut costs.”

Mark Lavery, Director, Camden Group



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd