BPJ Fitout Ltd

BPJ Fitout Ltd
March 7, 2018 Elaine

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The Company


BPJ Fitout Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial and domestic furniture projects.

The Challenge

The business has experienced significant growth in recent years, so increasing on-site demand for storage.  Therefore, the company has necessitated a resource efficient philosophy to effectively utilise space.

Following consultancy with Invest NI, the company was referred to the Industrial Symbiosis Service to help find solutions for off-cuts and other wasted resources arising from workshop production.  During the subsequent site visit, the practitioner understood some of the resource issues with recommendations on how to make better use of available space.


The Solution

One such solution, to re-house a belt table sander.  Whilst a vintage piece of equipment requiring a little refurbishment, it had a character of aesthetic and the practitioner recognised a unique reuse potential within the artisan industrial sectors.

David Keys Sustainable Woodworking, an existing IS member, specialises in transforming reclaimed and surplus woods.

David transforms would-be wasted wood into various furniture items, trophies and even creative fairy houses.  He generally uses hand held tools, but the practitioner identified a use for the belt table sander.

Following the advisory visit with BPJ Fitout, the practitioner contacted David Keys to advise on the availability of the belt table sander.  This met with an enthusiastic response, with DKSW interested in restoring the  redundant piece of equipment.  This adhered well to his principles of sustainability and introductions were co-ordinated.

After despatch of the belt table sander, it provided approx. 6 square metres of much needed space in the BPJ Fitout workshop. 

The Benefits

  • Cost savings for DWSW: £1944
  • Additional sales for BPJ: £150


“The practitioner was able to have the connections to ensure that the redundant equipment was re-housed rather than being decommissioned.  Not only have we found a mutually exclusive solution, it’s environmentally reassuring that it will help bring new life to reclaimed wood and we have both cost and space savings in the process.” 

Gareth Rowell, Director, BPJ Fitout Ltd 



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd