Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds
March 7, 2018 Elaine

Bloc Blinds

The Company

Bloc Blinds manufacture and export roof and roller blinds to the window blind trade in the UK and Europe as well as to UK high street and online retailers.


The Challenge

An IS practitioner conducted a site visit after an initial enquiry by Bloc Blinds and subsequently attended a resource matching workshop.

As production demand increased, so had their waste.  A mix of waste streams were identified; wood, aluminium, fabric and fabric rolls, cardboard tubes and redundant equipment.  Cost for disposal increased as a result, however the company was keenly aware of the need to reduce their environmental impact as well as reducing disposal cost.

One area of resource concern was their timber and plywood packaging.  Discarded from imported raw materials for production, Bloc Blinds had to pay a removal fee due to a downturn in the timber recycling market.


The Solution

The practitioner’s knowledge of available resources and companies on the IS service provided a suitable match.  Ballykelly Men’s Shed, a member of the Irish Association of Men Sheds, is an organisation supported by various mental health charities and programmes.   They deliver activities and training opportunities for vulnerable people to help develop personal skills and expertise that assists in social integration and work environments.   

Introductions were made to both companies.  The discarded packaging from Bloc Blinds was collected by BallyKelly Men’s Shed to assist in some of their project activities.  The large off-cuts were used to make garden furniture and the small off-cuts were used to produce kindling that was bagged and delivered to local charities.

This created woodworking skills training and provides regular contact and support with local charities assisting in community development.

The Benefits

  • CO2 Saved: 5.5 tonnes
  • Cost Savings: £1799
  • Material Reclaimed: 38 tonnes

“The practitioner’s expertise has been invaluable to help us achieve an environmentally sustainable solution for our discarded resource streams. Through the IS service we now have further projects that will help with improve our efficiency.”

Vincent Kennedy, Bloc Blinds 



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd