Belfast & District Beekeepers’ Association

Belfast & District Beekeepers’ Association
February 15, 2018 Elaine

Belfast & District Beekeepers’ Association

The Association


The Belfast and District Beekeepers’ Association aims to promote good beekeeping practice among its members and to provide a forum for beekeepers to meet and exchange information.   Part of the wider Ulster Association, they unite local beekeepers in promoting apiculture and expertise.  They also work in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association (FIBKA).

The Challenge

The IS Practitioner contacted the Association while researching a solution for wasted hessian sacks from Bailies Coffee.


The Solution

The sacks are a perfect solution for beekeepers as they perform an important function for the native Bee population, so critical to local biodiversity. 120 members are expected to benefit from thesacks.  By diverting these from landfill through IS engagement, Bailies Coffee will help produce millions of these essential pollinators across Northern Ireland in a 12- month period.

Not only are Bailies Coffee avoiding landfill, but Belfast Beekeepers Association have experienced significant savings.  The Association was previously quoted £2 per sack to purchase similar materials from other sources, indicating a saving of £2800 on 1400 sacks.

The Association will be able to pass sacks on to its members for a nominal fee of 50p per sack, enabling £700 of additional sales.

The Benefits

  • Diverted Landfill: 1 tonne
  • CO2 Saved: 19 tonnes
  • Cost Savings: £3400


“The sacks are really great quality for beekeeping as they are clean and dry and from a known source.  This opportunity will help produce millions of Irish Native Bees, a double win for the environment.”

James McCreight, Belfast & District Beekeepers’ Association 



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