Bailies Coffee Co Ltd

Bailies Coffee Co Ltd
February 15, 2018 Elaine

Bailies Coffee Co Ltd

The Company


Bailies Coffee are a renowned coffee roaster based in Belfast with a customer base across the U.K and Ireland. With the coffee market booming, the company conducts a busy import, process and supply operation.


The Challenge

Following a relocation, the company invited an Industrial Symbiosis Practitioner on site for waste resource advice. Coffee suppliers ship the coffee beans in hessian sacks.

With over 100 hundred per week accumulating and being sent to landfill, the practitioner began researching potential reuse and recycle options.


The Solution

The natural fibres of the sacks allow for flexibility in reuse, so the practitioner was able to source several innovative resource streams.

The Stendhal Festival of Music and Art, in the North West, were updating their environmental credentials. In preparation for an event they were looking to source sacks for set and stage decoration.  This resource stream gave Bailies Coffee a zero-cost disposal option and provided Stendhal with their required material.

South 13, a creative and leisure hub in Belfast, availed of the hessian sacks for dressing the courses around the arena as well as other practical functions onsite. 

Mourne Heritage Trust trialled the sacks as an environmentally friendly alternative to sheep’s wool used for ‘floating paths’ in vulnerable peaty ground in the Mourne Mountains. The Trust envisage a long-term arrangement which will play an important role in the land management and conservation work carried out in the area.

The Belfast & District Beekeepers Association benefited from the sacks as a natural solution for bee hive insulating and inspection.  Creating a purchase savings, the sacks helps create essential pollinators for 12 months, critical to local biodiversity.

The Benefits

Bailies Coffee Combined Savings

  • Diverted Landfill: 3 tonnes
  • CO2 Saved: 43 tonnes
  • Cost Savings: £1225


“The IS Service has created long-term opportunities and partnerships to ensure that our discarded supplier’s materials are used in the most environmentally friendly way.  Keeping the benefits of these materials within NI is a bonus.  We look forward to working with the IS Service again.”

Chris Shaw, Bailies Coffee 



The Industrial Symbiosis Service is funded by Invest Northern Ireland and delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd